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Pathinen Puranangal - Tamil

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• Pathinen Puranangal is a collection of 18 Hindu religious texts in Tamil language, considered to be the most important and authoritative works of Tamil literature. The Puranas are stories of the gods, goddesses, and heroes of Hinduism, and they provide a rich source of mythology, philosophy, and spiritual teachings.
• The Pathinen Puranangal are said to have been compiled by the sage Vyasa, and they are believed to be over 5,000 years old. The Puranas are divided into two main categories: the Maha Puranas and the Upa Puranas. The Maha Puranas are considered to be the more important of the two, and they are the ones that are most commonly studied and recited.
• The Pathinen Puranangal are a valuable source of information about Hindu mythology and philosophy. They are also a popular source of inspiration for artists, musicians, and writers.
• The Pathinen Puranangal are written in a simple, direct style, and they are easy to understand. They are a good choice for people who are new to Hinduism, or who are looking for a comprehensive introduction to Hindu mythology and philosophy.
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