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Parathiyangira Sahasranamam - Tamil - Sanskrit

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• This Parathiyangira Sahasranamam is a unique and invaluable treasure for those seeking spiritual enlightenment.
• This Tamil-Sanskrit book beautifully combines the richness of both languages, making it a comprehensive guide for devotees and scholars alike.
• The book delves into the divine realm through the chanting of Sahasranamam, a thousand sacred names dedicated to Parathiyangira, a powerful deity in Hinduism.
• Immerse yourself in the rhythmic verses that seamlessly blend the essence of Tamil culture with the ancient Sanskrit tradition.
• This book serves as a spiritual companion, offering profound insights into the significance of each name and its relevance in the worship of Parathiyangira.
• The clear and accessible language ensures that both beginners and seasoned practitioners can engage with the text effortlessly.
• Enhance your spiritual journey with the Parathiyangira Sahasranamam, a bridge between two classical languages, providing a deeper understanding of divine devotion.
• Embrace the wisdom encapsulated in this book and embark on a transformative experience that connects you to the divine energy of Parathiyangira.