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Parampariya Jothidamum Palan..Vithikalum - Tamil

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Parampariya Jothidamum Palan Vithikalum is a Tamil book centred around the traditional Tamil method of astrology. Authored in the Tamil language, this book delves into the ancient science of astrology, known as Jyotisha in Sanskrit, which explores the influence of celestial bodies on human life.

Through the methods of Jothidam, readers are introduced to the principles, methodologies, and intricacies of astrology as practiced in the Tamil tradition. The book provides a comprehensive overview of various astrological concepts, including planetary positions, zodiac signs, and astrological charts, allowing readers to gain a deeper understanding of this mystical science.

This book is presented as a valuable resource for both novice and seasoned practitioners of astrology. Whether readers are interested in exploring their own birth charts or delving into the predictive aspects of astrology,the book offers practical insights and guidance to help navigate the complexities of this ancient art.

With its accessible language and comprehensive coverage of astrological principles, this Jothidam book aims to demystify astrology and empower readers to harness its potential for self-discovery and personal growth. Whether readers seek guidance on matters of career, relationships, or health, this book serves as a trusted companion on their journey through the cosmic realms of astrology.