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Panchayatana Puja Set - Small Size | Panchayatana Pooja Stones/ Vasakal Pooja Items

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•  Enhance your home pooja experience with auspicious atmosphere in your home with this beautiful Shiva Panchayadana. 
• This complete Hindu pooja samagri set features murtis (idols) of the five revered deities: Shiva, the destroyer of negativity; Vishnu, the preserver of the universe; Devi (Parvati), the embodiment of divine feminine power; Surya, the sun god, the source of life; and Ganesha, the remover of obstacles and bestower of wisdom.
• Performing pooja with a Shiva panchayatana pooja stones is believed to bring blessings for peace, prosperity, and spiritual well-being. This beautiful set is crafted from [material] for long-lasting use in your home temple.
• This pooja samagri set  contains symbols of deities  Sri Mahavishnu, Sri Mahaganapathi, Sri Surya, Sri Devi and Sri Siva each represented by  Salagrama, Sonabadra, Crystal, Swarna Mukhi and a banalinga. 
• Depending upon the preference of worship, these deities can be interchanged. Worshipping these deities in the morning or evening with respective bijakshara, kavacha, dik bandana and ashtotra brings better results
• This medium-sized vasakal pooja set is designed for devotees who perform the Panchayadana pooja, a ritual worship of five deities.
• The pooja accessories contains carefully selected items essential for the ceremony, enabling an authentic and focused worship experience.
• Pooja samagri size makes it suitable for both personal and small group ceremonies, offering convenience without compromising on the ritual's sanctity.
• Elevate your spiritual practice with this well-curated pooja accessories .
• The Panchayadana Pooja stones Set in big size is a comprehensive kit for performing the traditional Panchayatana puja, which involves worshipping five principal deities: Shiva, Vishnu, Devi, Surya, and Ganesha.
• This pooja set includes all the necessary items crafted with attention to detail, facilitating a complete and authentic ritual experience.
• Ideal for home use or community gatherings, this set enhances the spiritual ambiance of your pooja, supporting a meaningful and immersive worship experience.