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Panchakacham Satin - 5 Inch

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• Elevate your Deity's appearance with our high-quality Panchakacham (deity Dhothi), specially designed to enhance the divine presence of your beloved Deities! Panchakacham has been designed as a ready-to-wear dress for idols during rituals and ceremonies.
• This dress is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring that it radiates an aura of divine grace and elevates the beauty of your Deity's adornment.
• Crafted from premium-quality satin, this dress is soft, comfortable, and easy to maintain.
• The dress comes in two pieces: one for the upper half of the body and the other for the lower half.
• It features a stunning white dhoti (lower garment), with five horizontal lines running across the waistline, giving it a traditional and authentic Panchakacham look.
• The matching angavastram (upper garment) adds a touch of elegance to the overall appearance of the Deity, while the golden borders and intricate designs add a regal touch to the attire.
• The vibrant colour and intricate detailing add a touch of elegance and make it the perfect choice for dressing up your Deities for any auspicious occasion.
• It is pre-stitched and comes in various sizes and colours to fit all types of God idols, ensuring that your Deity looks divine and majestic.
• Enhance your Deity's appearance with our Panchakacham Ready-to-Wear Dress today!