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Pallavi 2 In 1 Kumkum

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• Pallavi 2-in-1 Kumkum Bindi is a practical way to bring traditional charm to your everyday routine.
• This bundle contains twenty pieces of kumkum stick bindis in brown and red, allowing you to easily match your style.
• These Eyetex bindis are designed for everyday usage and provide a simple yet beautiful approach to enjoy ethnic beauty.
• Gently peel a bindi (sticker Pottu) from the sheet and place it in the desired spot on your forehead. Press gently to keep it in place.
• The adhesive is intended for daily use, allowing you to enjoy the classic beauty of a bindi with ease.
• The 2-in-1 function adds versatility by allowing you to easily flip between colours to match your outfit and mood. 
• Whether you're going to work, a social event, or any other occasion, these kumkum stick bindis are the perfect partners.
• The wholesale pack guarantees you have an abundant quantity for numerous events, and the simple application saves you time while improving your appearance.
• Elevate your everyday look while honouring the beauty of ethnic ornamentation in brown and red colours Sticker bindi.