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Padma Purana English

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• The Puranas are very important times for the Indian thought stream.
• They not only reveal the past history, ethos and values but also act as beacon to lighten man's future.
• These constitute an important source for revelation of seers, sages and great souls of yore.
• These explore the growth of Indian thoughts, which gradually shifted from the pure rituals of the Vedic era to pure metaphysics by the dawn of Upanishads.
• Padma literally means a flower of lotus. Padma Purana discusses the origin of earth and the world as achieved by Brahma, the Creator.
• He was born in the form of lotus (He originated from the lotus emanating through the navel of lord Vishnu).
• The treatise had been appropriately titled Padma-Purana, among the Puranas edited and reviewed by sage Vedavyas, it occupies the second place from the importance and the number of quatrains.
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