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Paarkadal - Tamil

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Paarkadal is a compilation of Question and Answer sessions that was featured in the Tamil weekly ‘Kumudam’ where the award-winning Tamil poet Vairamuthu shares his perspectives on life, movies, socio-political issues and more. The poet’s answers to 378 questions are equalled to honey-drenched jackfruits which is preceded by preface of the poet, titled ‘Keatkapadaatha kelvigalukkai Pootikidakkum Bhoomi’ translated as ‘Locked Earth on unearthed questions.”

One reader observes that the poet’s prowess in literature and Tamil is yet to be enjoyed by readers who have barely had a glimpse of his potential. Vairamuthu answers more questions like those seeking to know Tamil words starting with the alphabet ‘Nau’, on Gandhi not receiving the Nobel prize and life after death.