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Oswal Traders Miracle Dhoop sticks

Original price Rs. 216.00 - Original price Rs. 432.00
Original price
Rs. 216.00
Rs. 216.00 - Rs. 432.00
Current price Rs. 216.00
Gram: 50
SKU 42743
Width Height Depth Weight

4.8 in

3.1 in

1.2 in

0.05 kg

Width Height Depth Weight

10.1 in

3.2 in

1.4 in

0.1 kg

• Envelop your sacred space with the enchanting fragrance of Oswal Traders Miracle Dhoop Sticks. Each stick releases a divine aroma that transcends the mundane, creating an ambiance of purity and tranquility.
• Enjoy a prolonged and serene dhoop experience with these sticks. Crafted for a slow burn, each stick ensures that the fragrance lingers, allowing you to immerse yourself in a peaceful atmosphere during your prayers and rituals.
• Formulated with a blend of natural ingredients, these dhoop sticks are a pure and traditional offering to the divine.
• The thoughtfully chosen elements create a harmonious and authentic scent that enhances your spiritual moments.
• Let the soothing fragrance elevate your spiritual practice. Whether during meditation, prayer, or rituals, the Miracle Dhoop Sticks from Oswal Traders provide a serene backdrop, fostering a sense of calmness and connection.
• Suitable for various occasions, these dhoop batti add a touch of sacredness to your home, temple, or any space where you seek divine solace. Their versatility makes them perfect for daily rituals, festivals, or moments of introspection.
• Each pack is meticulously designed to preserve the freshness and purity of the dhoop batti. Thoughtful packaging ensures that the divine fragrance remains intact until the moment you light the stick.
• Elevate your spiritual journey with the heavenly aroma of Oswal Traders Miracle Dhoop Sticks. Let the gentle fragrance transport you to a realm of divine connection and serenity.