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Osho-Bodhi Dharmar

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""Osho-Bodhi Dharmar"" delves into the profound teachings of Osho, offering insights into the essence of existence and the path to enlightenment. With clarity and wisdom, Osho guides readers on a journey of self-discovery, inviting them to explore the depths of their consciousness and embrace the eternal truths that lie within.

Regarding Bodhidharma: The 26th Zen patriarch in the line deriving from Gautam Buddha is the Greatest Zen Master Bodhidharma. But as Osho points out, he demonstrates even ""higher flights"" than the Buddha, who would not take on any female followers, because Pragyatara, an enlightened woman, was his guru. Six hundred years after Buddhism first arrived in China, Pragyatara now gave Bodhidharma the mission to travel there and spread the core enlightenment teachings of the Buddha. Although none of the previous Buddha's teachers had achieved enlightenment, they had left a lasting impression on the Chinese people. Now was the moment to share the taste of awakening, of realization. Osho carefully examines these three volumes of notes taken by Bodhidharma's pupils, highlighting the ways in which the disciples' ideas have distorted the teachings of this awakened Buddha.

To refer to one of his quotes: “You cannot explain what sweetness is to the man who has never tasted sweets. You can bring all your articulateness, but you cannot explain a simple thing, sweetness. The only way is to offer him some sweets. That’s what the masters have been doing all along. Rather than telling you what sweetness is, they offer it to you to taste. They themselves are offering their own being, their own presence for you to taste it.