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Nutromalt - Sprouted Cereals Mix - 500 Gms | Sugar Free/ Health Mix/ Instant Mix

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• We are pleased to present Nutromalt - Sprouted Cereals Mix (Sugar Free), a tasty and nutritious mix created with your health in mind. 
• This nutritious blend of health mix powder, which has been carefully selected from the best ingredients, blends sprouted cereals with the goodness of natural sweetness without the need for additional sugars.
• A perfect blend of healthy drink powder flavors and textures can be found in every spoonful of Nutromalt, beginning with sprouted grains, which are renowned for their improved digestibility and nutrient value.
•  By producing essential nutrients and enzymes, sprouting ensures that every meal provides the most benefits possible for your body to absorb.
• Adding a range of sprouted cereals gives you a well-rounded combination of vital vitamins, minerals, and fiber, supporting healthy digestion and long-lasting energy. 
• Health mix can be eaten as an independent snack or blended into your preferred yogurt or smoothie. Its flexibility doesn't come at the expense of flavor or nutrition.
• Additionally, each health mix is carefully tested and prepared to satisfy the highest standards of freshness and purity as part of our dedication to quality. 
• You may eat guilt-free with Nutromalt because you're providing your body with healthy nutrients and staying away from added sugars.
• Discover the satisfying crunch and natural sweetness of energy drink powder today, and embark on a journey to healthier eating without sacrificing flavor or enjoyment.
• Perfect for people who value their health and want a tasty snack that fits their dietary requirements.