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Natraj Murti - 6.5 x 5.25 Inches | Antique Brass Statue/ Nataraja Vigraham for Pooja/ 630 Gms Approx

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Rs. 1,800.00
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SKU 5250984
Width Height Depth Material Weight

5.25 in

6.5 in

1.75 in


0.63 kg

• Experience the heavenly grace of the Antique Brass Natraj Murti, a Brass Statue enchanting representation of Lord Nataraja, the cosmic dancer.
• This magnificent natraj murti is a timeless representation of artistic talent and spiritual regard, crafted from brass. The cosmic cycles of creation, preservation, and annihilation are represented by the Nataraja.
• The endless rhythm of the universe, in which Lord Shiva both creates and destroys worlds, is symbolized by his dance depicted in the natraj murti.
• The majestic Nataraja Vigraham will adorn your sacred area with its well-crafted patterns and textures.
• The Natraja Statue artfully portrays the holy Tandava dance, symbolizing creation, preservation, and destruction. It embodies the dynamic energy of Lord Shiva as the cosmic dancer.
• This Natraja Idol evokes a sense of antiquity and reverence with its rich antique brass finish, beckoning worshippers to lose themselves in devotion and reflection.
• The constant flow of cosmic forces is symbolized by the Nataraja dance, which is thought to emit holy energy. It stands for the constantly changing relationship of life's many facets, such as birth, death, and transformation.
• The nataraja vigraham is shown in the Tandava, a dynamic dancing position where one leg is raised high in the air to represent the act of creation. His other leg, which stands for ignorance and delusion, is firmly planted on an apasmara, a dwarf or demon.
• This Natraj Murti emits peace and spiritual harmony, making it ideal for use as a focal point in any interior setting pooja room, or meditation space.
• Possessing the Antique Brass Natraj Murti Brass Statue, a treasured emblem of faith and cultural legacy, you can bring home the soul of eternal Hindu mythology and artistic expression.