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Natarajapattu Garudapattu - Tamil | Hindu Religious Book/ Stotra Book

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• Delve into the divine realms of spirituality with "Nataraja Pathu Garuda Pathu," a compilation of sacred verses in Tamil presented by Giri Publications.
• This Spiritual Book brings together three significant compositions: Natarajapattu, Garudapattu, and Gajendra Moksha Keertanai, guiding devotees through a soul-stirring journey of devotion and transcendence.
• Immerse yourself in the celestial dance of Lord Shiva with Natarajapattu.
• This composition glorifies Lord Nataraja, the cosmic dancer, and invites devotees to witness the divine rhythm of the universe through the cosmic dance.
• Explore the divine attributes of Garuda, the celestial bird and divine vehicle of Lord Vishnu, through Garudapattu.
• This composition extols the virtues and devotion of Garuda, offering insights into the profound symbolism associated with this divine being.
• Witness the liberating narrative of Gajendra Moksha through Keertanai.
• This composition narrates the story of Gajendra, the elephant king, and his surrender to Lord Vishnu, showcasing the power of devotion and divine intervention.
• "Nataraja Pathu Garuda Pathu" offer insights into the cultural and spiritual enrichment associated with the worship of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. The compositions are designed to elevate the devotee's consciousness and deepen their connection with the divine.
• Embark on a spiritual odyssey with "Nataraja Pathu Garuda Pathu" in Tamil by Giri Publications.
• Whether you are a dedicated follower of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu or someone seeking profound spiritual experiences, this Soft Cover Spiritual Book promises to be a treasured companion on your journey of devotion and transcendence.