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Narkoortru Manimalai - Tamill

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Narkootru Manimalai is the Tamil version of the Sanskrit original titled ‘Sanskrita Subashita Ratnamala’ which consists of excerpts for human life extracted from Ramayana, Mahabharata, Smrithi, Puranas and Epics. Subshita refers to a poetic form in Sanskrit whose message is advice, truth, lessons or riddles. These teachings are categorized as Neethi Shastra, Sanadana Hitopadesa and Sadasaara Sukthi which are 1030 teachings in total.

The book imparts moral values to children and youth, who, at a right age, develop determination and appreciation for our religious scriptures only to carry out their duties with passion. With a proper understanding of our religious values, they perform their duties with better focus which delivers better results.