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Narayaneeya Sahasranamam - Sanskrit | By Sri Ayyappan Kariyat/ Stotra Book/ Shloka Book

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Sri Ayyappan Kariyat

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The profound spiritual essence of Hindu devotion with the Narayaneeya Sahasranamam, a timeless treasure of Sanskrit verses compiled by Sri Ayyappan Kariyat. 
• This text reveres Lord Vishnu, celebrating His divine attributes through a thousand names (sahasranamam) that encapsulate His omnipresence, omnipotence, and benevolence.
• The Narayaneeya Sahasranamam is not merely a compilation of names but a profound expression of devotion (bhakti) and reverence (shraddha) towards the Supreme Being. Each name, crafted in Sanskrit, resonates with profound meanings and symbolism, reflecting the multifaceted aspects of Lord Vishnu's divine presence.
• Sri Ayyappan Kariyat, through his meticulous compilation and commentary, provides seekers with insights into the deeper meanings behind each name, enriching the spiritual journey of readers. 
• This stotra book serves as a guiding light, offering prayers that invoke divine blessings, protection, and spiritual awakening.
• Ideal for daily recitations (japa) or contemplative reading, the Narayaneeya Sahasranamam fosters a deeper connection with Lord Vishnu, inviting His grace into the lives of devotees. Its verses, steeped in ancient wisdom and devotion, transcend time and space, resonating with seekers across generations.
• Embrace the essence of Hindu spirituality with this eloquent rendition of devotion, meticulously preserved and presented by Sri Ayyappan Kariyat in this esteemed stotra and shloka book.
• Bring home the essence of divine grace with the Narayaneeya Sahasranamam, a treasure trove of devotion and spiritual wisdom, beautifully encapsulated in Sanskrit verses, awaiting to enrich your spiritual journey and uplift your soul.