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Naga Chathurthi & Garuda Panchami -2024 | Essential

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Naga Chaturthi and Garuda Panchami are auspicious occasions in Hinduism dedicated to venerating celestial beings and seeking their blessings for protection and prosperity. These rituals are performed at sacred energy vortices associated with snakes and eagles, symbolising divine guardianship and spiritual elevation.

Archana (Pooja) at 3 sacred energy vortices of Snakes:
Thirunageswaran: Located in Tamil Nadu, Thirunageswaran is dedicated to Lord Nageswaran (a form of Lord Shiva) and is renowned for its association with Rahu dosha. Archana here is believed to alleviate the malefic effects of Rahu in one's horoscope, offering protection and promoting spiritual harmony.

Thirupampuram: This temple is dedicated to Lord Sri Seshapureeswarar, Sri Pampuranathar and is significant for addressing Rahu and Ketu doshas. Archana at Thirupampuram seeks to pacify and mitigate the adverse influences of Rahu and Ketu, fostering peace and prosperity in devotees' lives.

Keezhaperumpallam: Dedicated to Lord Kethu, Keezhaperumpallam temple is renowned for its worship of Ketu, another shadow planet. Archana here is performed to appease Ketu and seek its blessings for spiritual growth, wisdom, and relief from Ketu dosha.
Naga Pradishta Pooja at Rameshwaram:
The Naga Pratishta Pooja at Rameshwaram is a significant Vedic ritual dedicated to appeasing and invoking the blessings of the Nagas (serpent deities) for protection, well-being, and prosperity. Located in Tamil Nadu, Rameshwaram is renowned for its historic Ramanathaswamy Temple, where Lord Shiva is worshipped as Ramanathaswamy. The temple also houses a sacred spot known as Naga Tirtha, dedicated to performing rituals for the Nagas. The Naga Pratishta Pooja involves the consecration (pratishta) of Nagas, symbolised through rituals and offerings.

Benefits of Naga Pratishta Pooja:
It is believed that performing Naga Pratishta Pooja helps alleviate Naga dosha (afflictions related to serpent deities) in one's astrological chart. Devotees seek the blessings of the Nagas for protection from negative energies, illnesses, and other obstacles in life. The pooja is performed to invoke prosperity, fertility, and overall well-being for individuals and their families.

Sarpa Suktham Chanting Followed by Uragaraja Maha Mantra Homa:
Sarpa Suktham is a Vedic hymn dedicated to appeasing the serpent deities, seeking their blessings, and pacifying any negative influences caused by Sarpa Dosha in one's astrological chart. Performing the Sarpa Suktham Chanting followed by Uragaraja Maha Mantra Homa is a potent Vedic ritual aimed at alleviating Sarpa Dosha or Naga Dosha, which is believed to be caused by afflictions related to the serpent deities in Vedic astrology. The Uragaraja Maha Mantra Homa involves the performance of a fire ritual (Homa) where sacred offerings are made into a consecrated fire while chanting the Uragaraja Maha Mantra. This powerful mantra is dedicated to Uragaraja, the king of serpents, and is performed to seek relief from Sarpa Dosha, as well as to attract blessings for peace, prosperity, and spiritual growth.

Benefits of Uragaraja Maha Mantra Homa:
 The Homa is believed to mitigate the adverse effects of Sarpa Dosha in one's birth chart, which can manifest as obstacles, health issues, and challenges in life. By performing this ritual, devotees seek purification from past misdeeds or sins associated with snakes, promoting spiritual cleansing and growth. Devotees often seek prosperity, success in endeavors, and removal of financial hurdles through the grace of Uragaraja.
Archana to Kal Garuda at Nachiyar Koil Powerspot on Garuda Panchami Day:
Nachiyar Koil, located in Tamil Nadu, is dedicated to Goddess Nachiyar (a form of Goddess Lakshmi) and Lord Vishnu. On Garuda Panchami Day, devotees perform Archana (ritualistic worship with prayers and offerings) specifically to Kal Garuda, emphasizing the significance of Garuda as a symbol of strength, devotion, and protection. Garuda Panchami is observed on the fifth day (Panchami) after the new moon during the Tamil month of Aadi (July-August). 

Garuda Homam:

The Garuda Homam is a revered Vedic fire ritual dedicated to Garuda, the divine eagle and vehicle of Lord Vishnu in Hindu mythology. This ceremony holds profound spiritual significance and is performed with the aim of seeking blessings and divine intervention from Garuda for various benefits, particularly health and protection.

Benefits of Garuda Homam:
The ritual involves chanting specific mantras dedicated to Garuda, invoking his divine presence and blessings. Garuda is revered for his swiftness, strength, and ability to remove obstacles. Devotees perform Garuda Homam to seek relief from health ailments and to maintain physical and mental well-being. It is believed that Garuda's blessings can alleviate diseases and promote longevity.

Service Description:

  • Archana (Pooja) at 3 sacred energy vortices of Snakes
    2. Thirupampuram,
    3. Keezhaperumpalam : NO PRASADAM
  • Group Naga Pradishta Pooja at Rameshwaram
  • Sarpa Suktham Chanting Followed by Uragaraja Maha Mantra Homa with 2 priests : -NO PRASADAM - 8th Aug-2024 at 9:00 AM
  • Archana to Kal Garuda at Nachiyar Koil Powerspot on Garuda Panchami Day : Prasadam will be send - 9th Aug-2024 at 9:00 AM
  • Garuda Homa With 2 Priests : No Prasdam - 9th Aug-2022.