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Murukku Vathal - 200 Gms | Murukku Vadam/ Fryums Snacks/ Rice Fryums

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• Murukku Vadam is a delightful traditional South Indian fryum that brings a crispy and crunchy texture to your snack time.
• Made from rice flour, sago, salt, spices, these vadams are sun-dried to perfection, ready to be fried and enjoyed.
• Whether you crave a quick snack or want to add a crispy element to your lunch or dinner, Murukku Vadam is the perfect choice.
• Simply fry them in hot oil until golden brown, and they are ready to serve. Their delightful crunch pairs wonderfully with rice dishes, sambar, rasam, or even as a standalone snack with tea or coffee.
• In addition to Murukku Vadam, explore other traditional fryums like appalam and vadagam, which also offer a range of textures and flavors to enhance your meals.
• Buy Murukku Vadam online today and enjoy the authentic taste of South Indian cuisine in the comfort of your home. Shop now to bring home this irresistible snack!