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Multi Millet Garam Masala Dosa Mix - 300 Gms | Multi Millet Dosa/ Garam Masala Dosa/ Instant Mix

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• Our Multi Millet Garam Masala Dosa Mix is an amazing mix of classic taste and modern conveniences. Discover the perfect balance of health and nutrition. 
• This instant dosa mix, which offers the tempting smell and spice of garam masala, celebrates the goodness of millets and is perfect for anybody looking for a healthy and quick dinner solution.
• Our instant dosa mix, made from a variety of millets such as finger millet, foxtail millet, and pearl millet, is not only delicious but also highly nutritious. 
• Because of their high protein content and important vitamins and minerals, millets are a great option for consumers who are concerned about their health. 
• By adding these ancient grains to our garam masala dosa mixture, we offer a high-fiber, gluten-free substitute for traditional dosa preparations.
• The overall taste increases by the addition of spicy garam masala, which gives each crispy dosa a rich, inviting spice mixture that tempts the senses. 
• With each serving, our instant dosa mix ensures the same quality and flavor whether it is consumed as an enjoyable snack or as a breakfast regular.
• These dosas can be made in the comfort of your own kitchen with just a few easy steps and restaurant-quality results. 
• Enjoy the satisfaction of quickly preparing delicious, tasty dosas for your family perfect for busy mornings or casual evenings.
• With our Multi Millet Garam Masala Dosa Mix, you can embrace the flavor of garam masala and the healthiness of millets. It's the perfect option for those with dietary restrictions who value taste, and health at every meal.