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Multi Millet Garam Masala Chapati Mix - 500 Gms | Multi Millet Chapati/ Garam Chapati

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• Enjoy the nutritious instant mix of Millet Masala Chapati , an innovative mixture of "multi millet" grains made to make delicious chapatis quickly and easily. 
• With the nutritional advantages of several millet kinds combined into one quick instant mix that includes ingridents like  koda millet,little millet,foxtail millet,wheat flour,garam masala, finger millet, and himalayan salt each serving is ensured to be high in fiber, essential minerals, and vitamins.
• Millets are known to be rich in nutrients like iron, calcium, magnesium, and B-vitamins (such as niacin, B6).
• Millet Masala Chapati Mix is a quick and easy way to make freshly made chapatis at home, perfect for modern life. 
• Just combine the ingredients with water, mix into a smooth batter, and spread out into thin, tasty chapatis, according to the easy steps. It is perfect for all ages and diets, with each bite give an energetic taste.
• The "multi millet" mix increases nutritional value and supports healthy digestion, long-term energy, and overall health. 
• This millet chapati mix has been careful to preserve the nutritious qualities of millet, giving a guilt-free choice for families and individuals who are health-conscious.
• In addition, this mix's instant quality saves time without reducing taste or quality, so you may enjoy healthful chapatis without having to deal with time-consuming preparation. 
• Masala chapati Mix delivers elite benefits and great nutrition in every serving, making it a nutritious addition to any gathering or a quick weekday dinner.
• With Millet Masala Chapati Mix, you may embrace the goodness of millets and enjoy a balance of practice, well-being, and easy at every mealtime.