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Dollar - 1.5 Inches | Metal Pendant/ Spring Locket for Men & Women

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1.5 in

0.005 kg

• This Metal Spring Pendant is a distinctive and contemporary piece of jewelry that combines industrial-inspired design with modern aesthetics.
• Crafted from metal springs, this pendant goes beyond traditional jewelry norms, offering a bold and unconventional style.
• The Metal Spring Pendant draws inspiration from industrial elements, featuring the distinctive appearance of metal springs. This design choice gives the pendant an edgy and unconventional look that stands out from more conventional jewelry styles.
• The pendant's unique design allows it to be versatile in its style. It can be worn casually for a contemporary and urban look or paired with more formal attire for a bold statement piece.
• The coiled structure of the metal springs creates an intriguing texture and three-dimensional quality. The play of light and shadow on the pendant adds visual interest, making it a captivating piece.
• Due to the nature of the materials used, the pendant remains lightweight, contributing to comfort during wear. The lack of excessive weight makes it suitable for everyday use.
• As a gift, the Metal Spring Pendant is ideal for individuals with a penchant for contemporary and unconventional styles. It caters to those who enjoy exploring fashion beyond the conventional boundaries.
• Embrace the fusion of art and fashion with this distinctive pendant.