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Marma Enkalum Panchatchara Ragasiyamum - Tamil

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A pentagon is drawn according to an account. But there are no measurements. They have written each letter in each angle. ""There is a mystery hidden behind these five letters. To know them you have to know these five letters Ka - U - Ru - A - A."" When the Guru asked the disciples what these letters were, they said, 'They are Tamil letters'. ""But you will be surprised if it refers to Tamil grammar even though it is Tamil characters.""

""Marma Enkalum Panchatchara Ragasiyamum"" by N. Thamanna Chettiar is a profound Tamil spiritual text that delves into the esoteric teachings of Tantra and the mysteries of divine consciousness. Through insightful commentary and practical guidance, Chettiar explores the transformative power of the Panchatchara mantra and its significance in spiritual practice. Whether you're a seeker on the path of self-realization or a devotee of Tantra, this book serves as a valuable resource for deepening your understanding of ancient wisdom and unlocking the secrets of inner awakening.