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Malai Vettiver - 1 Feet

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• A Vetiver garland is a unique and aromatic form of garland made from the roots of the Vettiver grass (Vetiveria zizanioides).
• The creation of a Vetiver Garland involves carefully cleaning, drying, and weaving the Vettiver grass roots together to form a flexible and aromatic garland.
• Our Vettiver malai is a unique and aromatic adornment designed to enhance the sacred ambiance of your puja space, whether for God idols or photo frames.
• Vettiver has a naturally refreshing and earthy scent. The vetiver malai not only beautifies your puja setup but also fills the air with a soothing aroma, creating a serene atmosphere for your worship.
• Vettiver malai is a natural and aromatic adornment designed to enhance the ambiance of your puja space, God idols, and photo frames for an extended period of at least six months. It can be draped around idols, pictures, or frames, infusing them with divine energy and reverence.
• In many Indian cultures, vettiver is considered auspicious and is used in various rituals. The presence of a vettiver in your puja space symbolizes purity and blessings.
• Vettiver is a sustainable and eco-friendly material. Using vettiver garlands aligns with the principles of eco-consciousness, making it a responsible choice for your puja decor.
• A vetiver malai can also be a thoughtful and unique gift for family and friends who appreciate the beauty and significance of traditional puja elements.
• Vettiver retains its fragrance for an extended period, ensuring that your puja space continues to be filled with its delightful scent, even after regular use.
• If the fragrance begins to fade, you can simply moisten the garland to revive its refreshing aroma.
• This vetiver malai a simple yet meaningful way to infuse your sacred space with the essence of tradition and nature's blessings, enhancing the connection between you and the divine.