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Laxmi Narayan Statue - 5 Inches | Panchaloha Idol/ Lakshmi Narayana Idol for Pooja/ 750 Gms Approx

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Rs. 46,000.00
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0.85 kg

• This exquisite panchaloha idol pair features Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, the divine couple of the Hindu pantheon.
• Each panchaloha idol is meticulously crafted using traditional techniques to bring out the intricate details and designs. Lord Vishnu is depicted in a regal standing posture, adorned with majestic attire and jewelry. He holds his signature weapons and is accompanied by his divine consort, Goddess Lakshmi.
• Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity, is depicted standing gracefully beside Lord Vishnu. She is dressed in a resplendent silk saree and adorned with magnificent jewelry. In her four arms, she carries symbols of abundance and fertility, including lotus flowers and gold coins.
• The panchaloha statues exude an aura of divine grace and add a touch of elegance to any festive decor. They can be cherished as a collectible item or gifted to loved ones during Navaratri or other special occasions.
• Please note that the actual product may vary slightly in color and design due to the nature of the dolls.
• Plenty of exclusive traditional panchaloha statues only at Giri. Visit our stores and website to embrace our culture and tradition. This is a perfect addition to your home shrine or golu doll display during festive occasions like Navaratri and Dussehra. Dassara dolls are available in various styles on our website. This golu bommai/kolu bommai set makes for a thoughtful gift.