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Kumarikandama Sumeriama

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Did the Tamils originate in Tamil Nadu or did they migrate from Kumarikandam? So, was Kumarikandam a land between Africa and India or a region south of Kanyakumari? Or is Kumarikandam a fantasy? Who are Dravidians? Where did they come from? What is the motherland of Tamils? Tracing the origin of the Tamils from prehistoric times, this book presents a new theory by re-reading literature, historical documents, excavations and inscriptions. As part of his research, the author examines ancient Sumerian history. Prabhakaran finds some striking parallels between the Tamil civilization and the Sumerian civilization. His theory based on it opens up some new possibilities. Spanning the Indus Valley Civilization, Sumerian Civilization, Tamil-Sanskrit contact, Aryan arrivals, Sangam literature, this book takes into account many studies. This book, which will be useful to all those who want to know the mythology, origin and spread of Tamils, raises some important debates and controversies.