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•In Hindu pujas and ceremonies, dried coconut is frequently used as a sacrifice to the Gods or as a sign of purity and good fortune. The coconut is revered as a holy fruit in Hinduism and is thought to be a representation of Lord Shiva's head, representing chastity, selflessness, and devotion.
•A full, dried coconut is frequently offered at pujas or set out on the altar as a representation of the divine. Traditionally, the coconut is cracked open as a sign of submission and self-offering to the Almighty.
•Additionally, dried coconut is frequently used to make prasad, a holy food gift given to worshippers after the puja. Additionally, it is used to make a variety of traditional pastries and sweets that are offered during festivals and other special events.
•Dried coconut is a common ingredient in pujas and other religious rituals and has profound cultural and religious significance in Hinduism.