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Knolkol Gardening - 8 Gms | Vegetables | Kohlrabi

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Period/Seasonal Colour: White and purple
Height: ½ - Foot in height
Where To Plan: Light: Full sunlight Water: When it comes to watering knol khol in container gardens, keep the potting soil constantly moist
When To Plant: Knol - Knol is a cool season crop and thrives in a relatively cool moist climate. It can withstand extreme cold and frost better than other cool season crop. Seeds of knol- knol germinate well at 15 ° C to 30 ° C.
How To Plant: Prepare your knol khol for transplanting once the plants have reached at least 1/2-foot in height. While you transplant the seedlings, ensure to maintain specified distance between each plant. Prepare a good growing medium. Place your pot in a sunny location.
Added Benefits: Knol knol is found to be rich in dietary fiber, carotenoids, vitamins A, C, K and the B vitamins. As with the other vegetables in this family, it is rich with various anti-oxidants that protect against colon and prostate cancer.
Tips: Knol khol require evenly moist soil to ensure the best and fast growth. Do not over water or allow the soil to dry out.