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Kireetam - 2 x 1.5 Inch | Gold Polish Kiritam/ Stone Mukut/ Mayur Crown for Deity

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• Enhance the beauty of your beloved Deity with the exquisite Mayur Mukut Kireedam! This majestic stone mukut for Deity decoration is a stunning piece of art bearing the stunning hues of our national bird, the peacock, which will elevate your Deity's appearance to new heights. The Stone God Crown is a symbol of grandeur and divinity, making it the perfect adornment for your beloved Deity. Mukut is a Sanskrit word that means crown or headdress. In Tamil, Mukut is called Kireedam.
• This exquisite accessory is crafted from colourful and lustrous stones and has been designed with care to capture the essence of traditional Indian art.
• Every curve and contour of the mukut has been designed to perfection, ensuring that it exudes an aura of elegance and grace. This particular Mukut kireedam has the design of the peacock neck in the middle, surrounded by three vibrant large feathers. The feather designs have been painted on with care, while its appeal is brought out by the stone borders. It also has a few red stones to make the design truly stand out.
• The act of placing the Mukut Kreedam on your Deity's head is a gesture of respect and gratitude towards the divine. Stone God Mukuts are considered to be very auspicious and are believed to bring good fortune and blessings to the worshippers.
• Kiritam is also believed to enhance the beauty of the Deity and add to the overall grandeur of the temple or shrine.
• Kireetam is believed to symbolise the divine power of the Deity and represents the crown of royalty, reminding us of the greatness and majesty of the divine.
• Suitable for various occasions, this Mukut is perfect for festivals, poojas, and other religious events. It also makes a lovely gift during festive seasons.