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KILLI Turmeric Instant Ayurvedic Extract, 10 Sachets for Joint Health

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Product Description
KILLI Turmeric Instant Ayurvedic Extract
Turmeric, also known as Indian saffron or yellow spice has been an integral part of Indian culinary dishes because of its beautiful yellow tint. It has a distinct color, flavor and is high in curcumin content. It has been used as a remedy for prevention from diseases for ages.
Material Quality
We have taken utmost care in cultivating the herbs and drying it without losing its natural color and nutrients. No added preservatives, colors, sugars, or additives. KILLI Herbs are dried in-house under a controlled atmosphere and never sun-dried or oven dried.
Beneficial to Consume
Turmeric is often called golden spice because of its antioxidant and herbal properties. Its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties make it a viable solution for your health. It has highly recommended by experts and natural immunity booster that protects you from many diseases.