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Killi Shatavari Powder - 50gms

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Shatavari has long been used to treat hormonal imbalances, enhance female reproductive health, and even lessen menopausal symptoms, and increase milk supply in nursing mothers. Antioxidant qualities protect against infection. In addition to shielding the body from dangerous free radicals, oxidative stress also helps in alcohol withdrawal.

How to Use:
When needed, combine half a teaspoon (3g) of Killi Shatavari powder with 150ml of warm milk or warm water. Can also be eaten blended with cow ghee.

Learn More:
KILLI investigates the value of traditional herbs with uncompromising quality and flavor for clients. It does this by taking extra care and using science to every step of the processing of herbs to keep the active component, taste, and scent. We think that our country's richness lies in its ancient wisdom. KILLI provides the healthiest solutions for its consumers with its special blends of herbs.