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Killi Cinnamon Bark Powder(Ceylon)-50gms

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• The KILLI CEYLON CINNAMON BARK POWDER is a powerful aid in body slimming and lowers blood cholesterol levels. Strong antioxidants found in Ceylon cinnamon support a healthy heart and immune system.
• TRADITIONAL AND ORGANIC HERBS - The finest cinnamon quills from Ceylon have several advantages, including a delicate scent and a sweeter flavor than other types. There is no usage of sulfur dioxide in the procedure.
• The US Food and Drug Administration, the FSSAI Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, and HALAL India have all given their seals of approval to KILLI Herbs.
• Our farmers cultivate all the herbs organically without the need of additional chemical fertilizers.
• They are cleaned and only the parts with medicinal benefits are separated and dried using scientific approach at low temperature.
• WITH LOVE FROM KILLI - We have taken utmost care in cultivating the herbs and drying it without losing its natural color and nutrients. No added preservatives, colors, sugars or additives. KILLI Herbs are dried in-house under a controlled atmosphere and never sun-dried or oven-dried. KILLI Herbs are packed in resealable zip-lock pouches. You'll find only the best of quality herbs from the house of KILLI. MADE IN MADRAS.