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Kemp Necklace - 5 Inches | Kemp Stone Jewellery for Women

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• Elevate the spiritual ambiance and embrace the divine grace of your cherished deity with our stunning Kemp Necklace, an ideal choice for Varalakshmi puja and various sacred occasions.
• This Haaram (Necklace) is a beautiful piece of jewellery made to adorn a god or goddess both at home and at a temple.
• The Divine Deity jewellery (Necklace) is made of high-quality materials, such as metals and Kemp stones, to ensure enduring beauty and durability.
• The mixture of red and white stones makes this necklace attractive and charming.
• A thread is inserted through the necklace's handle hole to connect it to the god's and goddess's idol.
• Using thread adjustment, this deity necklace drapes wonderfully around the deity, highlighting its divine presence.
• Worshippers are captivated by the sight of this stone deity necklace, which expresses the devotion and reverence of devotees. It also creates a sacred environment when the deity is present.
• This Deity necklace is used as both god jewellery and goddess jewellery.
• When Swamy Alangaram (dressing the deity) is performed in temples, it is traditional to adorn the god with various deity jewellery and decorations in order to enhance their divine aspect.
• This Kemp haram, which stands for beauty, plenty, and devotion, is an important piece of the deity's jewelry set.
• As you prepare for the Varalakshmi Vratham Pooja, adorning the Amman deity with this exquisite necklace becomes a significant part of the sacred rituals.
• To use the Deity Jewellery, gently place it around the neck of the Varalakshmi idol (Amman Alangaram stand) during the auspicious Pooja.
• For this Varalakshmi vratam puja, take in the splendour and majesty of the deity Necklace from Giri.
• In addition, Giri offers every other piece of God jewelry, including bangles and short necklaces, as well as waist belts and other items required for Swamy Alankaram or deity adornment.
• This Kemp necklace is also used as Bharathanatiyam Dance jewellery. In Bharatanatyam, a classical dance form of South India, the Kemp Necklace is an essential element of the dancer's attire. It adds grace, beauty, and authenticity to the performance, enhancing the overall presentation.