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Kemp Jewellery Set | Bharatanatyam Jewellery/ Stone Jewellery/ Hair Jewellery for Dance

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• Enhance your Bharatanatyam dance performance with our exquisite Kemp HeadSet(bharatanatyam jewellery set), a must-have for every dedicated dancer.
• This bharatanatyam jewellery set includes three essential components: Netti Chutti, Sun Billai, and Moon Billai, all meticulously crafted to add an aura of grace and tradition to your dance ensemble.
• Kemp jewellery is popular in South India and is often worn during weddings and other festive occasions.
• Netti Chutti is a forehead ornament that adorns the centre parting of a woman's hair.
• It typically consists of a pendant-like piece attached to a chain or string that rests on the forehead. Netti Chutti is an integral part of bridal jewellery in South India and is worn on special occasions.
• Sun Billai and Moon Billai are two distinctive hair accessories worn by Bharatanatyam dancers.
• The Sun Billai is placed on one side of the dancer's hair, representing the sun, while the Moon Billai is placed on the other side, symbolizing the moon.
• These bharatanatyam ornaments are adorned with Kemp stones, pearls, and other embellishments. They are used to frame the dancer's face and complement the Netti Chutti.
• The Netti Chutti, Sun Billai, and Moon Billai are designed for easy attachment, ensuring you can wear them securely during your performance.
• Elevate your Bharatanatyam performance with the Kemp Head Set(bharatanatyam ornaments) and radiate the timeless beauty and grace of this divine dance form. Order yours today and captivate your audience with your artistry and traditional elegance.