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Kasumala - 3 Inches | Kaasu Malai/ Jewellery/ Kaasu Maalai for Deity

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• In South Indian traditions, Kasu Mala, also called Kasu malai or Coin Necklace, has great cultural and spiritual significance, especially in deity-focused ceremonies. This elaborate necklace, which represents wealth, auspiciousness, and loyalty, is made up of beautifully interwoven gold-plated coins. 
• Kasu Mala is often adorned by women during religious ceremonies, weddings, and festivals as a symbol of reverence and adornment. Each coin on the Kasu Malai bears inscriptions of deities, mantras, or symbols associated with divine blessings and protection. 
• The intricate craftsmanship and design of the necklace showcase the rich heritage and craftsmanship of South Indian jewellery. In religious contexts, devotees offer KasuMala to deities as a form of devotion and seek blessings for prosperity, success, and well-being. It is believed that wearing KasuMala brings spiritual alignment and attracts positive energies. 
• Beyond its significance to religion, the Coin necklace has evolved into an elegant and culturally significant design statement that is treasured for its longevity. People who appreciate tradition, spirituality, and beauty will always have a particular place in their hearts for KasuMalai, whether it is worn as a fashion accessory or for its symbolic meaning.