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Kasi Yatra Set - 35 Inches | Velvet Kasi Yathirai/ Kashi Yatra Set for Marriage/ Assorted Colour

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The Kaasi Yaathirai, also referred to as Kashi yatra or Kasi yatra, is a significant ritual (using the kasi yathirai set) and a fascinating aspect of a typical Tamil wedding, particularly brahmin weddings, where the groom is prohibited from going to Kasi to become a mendicant or to gain wisdom. By proposing the girl to the groom, the girl's family attempts to deter him from travelling to Kashi with his Kasi yatra umbrella, hand fan, Sundara Kandam from the epic Ramayana, shoulder bag, walking stick, and wooden sandals. The girl's father or brother, or, in their absence, a senior member of the girl's family, typically makes the offer.

While the duration of this ceremonial celebration may not exceed 30 minutes, it is elaborately planned, with both families assembling around the groom and taking in the kasi yatra scene as it plays out in front of them. The groom exits his residence by walking to the entrance with his umbrella and other equipment. At this point, the bride's brother or father approaches him from behind, speaks with him, and discusses. The groom is then convinced to remain. Here, there are certain formalities or rituals that are observed. The bride's brother settles the groom by washing his feet as he sits down. Some money is given to the bride's brother as a token of appreciation.

The groom, who ends his Kasi yatra, abandons his kasi yatra set and is then welcomed back by the family. The decorative Kasi umbrella set is usually enhanced using contrasting colours for the sake of visibility. The Kasi yathirai set comprises of the kasi yatra umbrella, a decorative one, along with the hand held fan, the Ramayana, the wooden sandals and finally, the walking stick. All of the elements mentioned above are decorated richly. The kasi yatra padhukas are usually made out of wood smoothed out, with a traditional grip only between the thumb and second toe. Buy this Kasi Yatra set to enhance wedding ceremonies, or explore more varieties of it online!