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Karungali Vel - 6 x 1.75 Inches | Ebony Vel/ Karungali Murugan Astra for Pooja

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1.75 in

6 in

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• Enhance your sacred rituals and prayers with the exquisite Karungali Vel, a divine accessory often used in Hindu religious ceremonies, especially in worship of Lord Murugan (also known as Kartikeya or Skanda). • The Vel, a spear-like instrument, symbolizes divine power, courage, and protection. • The murugan vel is a sacred and powerful symbol associated with Lord Murugan, the Hindu deity of courage, wisdom, and victory. It signifies the triumph of good over evil. • The Murugan vel is meticulously carved from high-quality Karungali Ebony wood, known for its durability, rich texture, and distinctive dark color, providing a luxurious and authentic touch. • Crafted from high-quality Karungali, the Vel is not only visually appealing but also durable and built to withstand the test of time. • The murugan vel is meticulously designed with intricate patterns and detailing, reflecting the artistry and attention to detail of skilled artisans. • The presence of the Lord murugan Vel during prayers is believed to invoke the blessings and protection of Lord Murugan. It is a powerful symbol that represents divine strength and guidance. • Beyond its spiritual significance, the Vel is a work of art that adds charm and grace to your altar, prayer room, or any area where you seek to create a sacred and inspiring ambiance. • The Brass Lord Murugan Vel is suitable for use during religious ceremonies, pujas, and prayers, allowing devotees to connect with the divine presence of Lord Murugan. • This Brass Vel makes for a meaningful and cherished gift for spiritual individuals, devotees of Lord Murugan, or anyone seeking divine protection and guidance. • Invite the divine energy and blessings of Lord Murugan into your sacred space with the Brass Murugan Vel. • Let the Vel symbolize courage, strength, and victory in your spiritual journey. • Order this exquisite piece today and experience the spiritual and aesthetic beauty it brings to your prayers and rituals."