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Karungali Mala - 20 Inches | 10 mm/ Karungali Kattai Malai/ Ebony Mala for Men & Women

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• Indulge in the timeless elegance of Karungali Mala, which is manufactured from the wood of the karungali tree, a species of ebony native to certain regions of India and Africa. Also known as Ebony Mala, renowned for its rich dark hues.
• This traditional Karungali chain embodies sophistication and cultural significance, often worn as a symbol of strength and protection.
• Each Karungali kattai malai is carefully manufactured from the best quality ebony wood, known for its durability and distinct beauty.
• Embrace the spiritual essence of this ebony mala, which is thought to block negative energy and channel positive energy. Despite its sturdy construction, Karungali Malai is lightweight and comfortable to wear, making it suitable for extended periods.
• The Karungali Mala gives elegance and respect to any outfit, whether it is used for religious rituals, cultural events, or daily wear.
• Discover the allure of Karungali Mala, a highly prized and classic piece of jewellery that stands for strength, tradition, and the enduring beauty of the natural world. Experience the allure of Ebony Mala as it transforms into a valuable addition to your jewellery collection, embodying traditional elegance and culture.