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Karugamani - 2 Inch | Mangalsutra/ Black Mangal Sutra/ Jewellery for Deity

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• Indian ladies frequently wear karugamani chains, especially South Indian ladies. Karugumani is also known as black bead chain. It consists of a necklace comprised of tiny, black, rounded beads that have been strung together on wire or thread with gold plated pendent.
• Traditionally worn during religious rites and other occasions like weddings, festivals, and other social gatherings, the karugamani chain is said to bring good luck. It is frequently used to fend off the evil eye and other negative energies since it is said to have protective and purifying characteristics.
• The Karugamani chain is prized not just for its spiritual importance but also for its aesthetic worth. It is regarded as a classic and beautiful accessory that goes well with silk sarees and gold jewelry. The Karugamani chain is a piece of jewelry with a long history and cultural significance in South Indian customs and culture.
• Karugamani possesses the qualities which can ward off the evil spirits, drishti dosha, and bring prosperity and wealth. The black, white, and red beads represent the Goddesses Sri Durga, Saraswathi, and Lakshmi.
• They bring their blessings in the form of protection. In certain traditions prevalent, the mala made of karugamani is used as an equivalent to Mangalyasutra.