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Karpooravalli Thailam - 8 ml | Pain Relief Roll On/ Herbal Roll On

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• Natural relief from nasal congestion and headaches with Karpooravalli Thailam, a soothing herbal roll-on. This traditional formulation, known for its therapeutic properties, offers effective relief for nose block and headaches.
• Karpooravalli Thailam's key ingredient, Karpooravalli (Indian Borage), is renowned in Ayurveda for its decongestant and analgesic effects. When applied, the herbal roll-on gently clears nasal passages, easing breathing and providing quick relief from sinus discomfort. Its cooling sensation also alleviates headaches, promoting relaxation and comfort.
• Ideal for those seeking natural remedies, Karpooravalli Thailam is easy to use and offers on-the-go relief. Simply apply the roll-on to forehead for headache relief or under the nostrils for nasal congestion relief.
• Its herbal ingredients ensure a gentle yet effective solution without harsh chemicals, making it suitable for regular use.
• Embrace the benefits of Ayurveda with Karpooravalli Thailam and enjoy enhanced well-being with every application.