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Karnataka Sangeetha Kacheri Kaiyedu - Tamil | by Ramanujadasan/ Music Book

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• This music book in tamil by Ramanujadasan is a handbook to refer a keerthana to which poet it is associated and on which Raga it is usually sung. 
• People will keep this music book while attending Carnatic music concerts to find out the above details of the keerthana performed at the stage.
• This raga book contains thousands of keerthanas arranged in (Tamil) Alphabetical order with the first few words of the keerthana, the name of the Raga and the Vakeyakaarar(poet)'s name at the end. 
• An index to find the location of the keeerthana is also given in the beginning itself. 
• This music book is a must for every carnatic music enthusiasist.
• The thorough book "Karnataka Sangeetha Kacheri Kaiyedu" explores the rich history of classical music performed . 
• This raga book, goes deeply into the cultural significance and musical dynamics of Sangeetha Kacheris, providing devotees and beginners with an in-depth understanding of its many components.
• The sangeetham book begins with detailing the development of Sangeetha Kacheris over time, from its origins in ancient Karnataka to its current status as a major force in Indian classical music.
•  It shows the crucial part that famous performers and supporters have played in shaping this style over many years.
• The music book's deep examination of a Sangeetha Kacheri's composition and elements forms its core. 
• It clarifies the several musical genres and styles that are usually performed, such as talas, Carnatic ragas, and creative methods that give the performances their identity. 
• Readers obtain an in-depth knowledge of the character and expressive depth present in these concerts through sharp analysis and examples.
• Additionally, pattu book offers helpful advice on how to attend and enjoy a Sangeetha Kacheri, as well as concert ethics and how to recognize and enjoy the finer details of performances.
• With a large number of  images, historical narratives, and musical notes, this book is a valuable resource for anybody interested in learning more about Karnataka's rich musical history. 
• It raises awareness of Sangeetha Kacheris's lasting impact and encourages a fuller understanding of its artistic qualities and modern cultural significance.