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Karnapathakkam Set - 2.5 Inches | Stone Earings/ Multicolour Stone Ear Set for Deity

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2.5 in

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• The magnificent stone and Karnapathakkam ear set, exudes spiritual allure and ageless beauty.
• These jewellery for god exquisitely crafted ear adornments are intended to accentuate the divine presence of deities.
• Every item is a tasteful fusion of colored stones that have been carefully chosen to capture the vitality and reverence of earlier times.
• Every element of the Karnapathakkam ear set , from the artfully placed Multicolour stones Ear Set for Deity to the strong yet elegant setting, demonstrates the elaborate craftsmanship of the structure.
• These stud earring are meant to decorate the ears of gods in temples and sanctuaries; they are not just ornaments but hallowed representations of respect and devotion.
• The jewellery for god implies a vivid colors of the stones give the celestial form a hint of celestial beauty, signifying the infinite range of spirituality and the multitude of colors of creation.
• The Karnapathakkam is a symbol of the eternal bond between humans and the divine, whether it is used to decorate a god in a temple or a private shrine.
• The Stone Earings for beckons worshippers to immerse themselves in the holy presence and make genuine gifts and prayers in response to its entrancing beauty and spiritual significance.
• The ethereal charm of the Multicolour stone ear set for Deity will elevate your spiritual journey as you embrace the ancient heritage.