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Kariya Siddhi...Manthirangalum Yanthrangalum

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It is understood that no matter how hard a man strives and works hard, the fulfillment of his will or desire requires the grace of a power beyond his power. It is that 'Power' that we believe is God. Any endeavor we undertake can only be achieved through intense singleness of mind. Intense mental unity is possible only through faith in the Lord, devotion - and devotion to these things. These are the main principles outlined in Kaariya Siddhi Tharum Manthirangal Yanthirangalum.

Book Features:
• "Kaariya Siddhi Tharum Manthirangalum Yanthirangalum" is a Tamil book that delves into the fascinating realm of mystical practices, specifically focusing on mantras and talismans (yanthirangal) that are believed to possess supernatural powers.
• It presents a compilation of powerful mantras, chants, and incantations that are believed to bring about desired outcomes, such as prosperity, success, love, healing, protection, and spiritual enlightenment.
• The author, a knowledgeable practitioner in the field, provides insights into the historical significance and cultural context of these mystical practices.
• Additionally, the book contains instructions on how to create and utilize yantras, which are geometric diagrams or symbols believed to amplify the effects of the associated mantras. These yantras are considered sacred and are often used as focal points during meditation and ritualistic practices.