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Kangaroo Mattipal Dhoop Sticks 15Pcs

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Kangaroo Mattipal Dhoop is filled with enchanting aromatic ingredients. Mattipal, a resin extracted from a tree having rich aroma. Dried and powdered mixed with other herbs, this agarbatti is handrolled.
Benefits & features:
• Mattipal floral dhoop sticks scents puts you in a good mood and makes us feel less anxious.
• It fills the environment with a floral bliss.
• Each natural smell brings effect on mind and Mattipal aroma brings soothing effect on mind and peace to the surrounding.
• The combination of floral fragrance have mental, emotional and sometimes physical healing qualities. It produces less smoke at the same time.
• Our natural blend has strong stress-relieving power that helps in curing mental and physical fatigue.