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Kangaroo Dasangam Cone 60Pcs

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Dasangam cones are made from natural and aromatic ingredients, like dasangam powder, sandal dust, Akil, Agar, Devadaru, Sambirani and Mattipal and more, up to ten ingredients as its name suggests. When you burn this dhoop, the fragrance of dasangam dhoop powder spreads evenly and smoothly. The scent, which has a strong sandalwood component, is heavenly and fixes the senses. Fill a plastic cone with this divine powder to light it in your puja like sambrani.
Features & Uses:
• One of the main upacharas offered to the deity is the dhoopa offering.
• This powder has the capacity to elevate the divine aura.
• Creates a religious and meditative atmosphere within seconds.
• Lighting dashangam cone purifies the senses as the smoke is harmless, eliminating impurities from within.
• Sandalwood is widely used as an element inducing peace of mind & calmness.
• Choose your prefered quantity from Giri.