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Kandha Puranam Molamum Uraiyum (6 Volm Set)- Tamil

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Kanda Puranam is the Tamizh version of the Skanda Purana. It was written by Kachiappa Siv?ch?ryar of Kumarakottam in Kanchi. According to the account of Kachiappa, each day he would write his inspired account of the career of Lord Murugan or Skanda, and in the evening deposit his day's work in the m?lasth?am of Lord Subrahmanya at Kumara Kottam. Each night, miraculously, the Lord Himself would modify Kacciappa's manuscript with His own corrections. Hence, the work is considered to be the absolutely authoritative account of Lord Murugan's legends bearing the seal of approval of none other than the Lord Himself. Buy Kandha Puranam Mulamum Uraiyum (6 Volume Set) to imbibe more intriguing knowledge on Lord Muruga.