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Kamatchi Amman Statue - 4.5 x 3.25 Inches | Resin Statue/ Kamakshi Idol for Pooja

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Rs. 125.00
Rs. 125.00 - Rs. 125.00
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SKU 6310532
Width Height Depth Weight

3.25 in

4.5 in

1.5 in

0.245 kg

• Introducing Kamakshi - a stunning piece of art crafted from high-quality poly resin with an antique finish. Inspired by tradition yet designed for modern spaces, Kamakshi exudes charm and sophistication.
• Each detail of Kamakshi reflects meticulous craftsmanship, from the graceful curves to the intricate embellishments. Its antique finish adds character and depth, creating an aura of timeless allure.
• Whether displayed as a standalone piece or incorporated into your existing decor, Kamakshi is sure to captivate attention and become a focal point in any room. Elevate your space with the distinctive beauty of Kamakshi - a symbol of elegance and refinement.