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Kalingatthuparani moolamum uraiyum - Tamil

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Published by Kumaran Pathipagam, "Kalingatthuparani moolamum uraiyum" is an extensive Tamil book that explores the historical epic known as "Kalingatthuparani."

Written in the Middle Ages by an unidentified poet, "Kalingatthuparani" tells the story of the valiant deeds of Rajendra Chola I, the Chola ruler, when he conquered Kalinga (modern-day Odisha).

This book includes the author's in-depth explications and interpretations (uraiyum) of "Kalingatthuparani" in addition to the original text.

Throughout the story, readers are led on an engrossing trip where they experience political intrigue, wars, and the bravery of Rajendra Chola I and his army.

The book not only serves as a valuable resource for students and scholars interested in Tamil literature and history but also appeals to general readers fascinated by tales of adventure and conquest.

Through its commentary, "Kalingatthuparani moolamum uraiyum" sheds light on the cultural, social, and political context of the Chola dynasty, offering insights into a significant period in South Indian history.

With its engaging storytelling and scholarly analysis, this book stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of classical Tamil literature and the rich tapestry of narratives that continue to captivate readers across generations.