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Kalidasa Tribute to his Genius - Vol.1 - Skt-Eng

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The studies on Mahakavi Kalidasa has been a perennial joyful journey for lovers of his immortal works. Dr. V. Raghavan's great admiration for the poet-dramatist, enthused him to analyse the marvellous works of Kalidasa in an all-pervading approach. Due to his immense admiration for the Mahakavi, Dr. Raghavan even named his eldest son after the poet.
The present publication on Kalidasa which is planned in two volumes, offers a collection of Dr. Raghavan's writings on the poet. In these writings, Dr. Raghavan has journeyed through the different fascinating facets of Kalidasa's mind, his works, the aesthetics of his grand plays, his portrayal of the Indian way of life embedded on dharmic concepts etc.

Our centre which continues to propagate the works of Dr. Raghavan, once again showcases through this publication, the amazing, tireless study of the scholar into the realms of Sanskrit literature.

This collection will be a treat to students, researchers and scholars engaged in the study on Mahakavi Kalidasa and will remain an invaluable addition to the Sanskrit literary field.