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Kadukkai Powder - 50 Gms | Haritaki Powder Zip Pouch/ Kadukkai Podi

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• In traditional medicine, Haritaki, also called Kadukkai in Tamil, is a highly sought-after herb. 
• Often referred to as the "King of herbs" by ayurvedic practitioners, this amazing fruit is often utilized as a natural detoxifier and digestive aid. 
• It also plays a significant role in the holistic treatment of Ayurveda. Part of "Triphala", this powder is made from the organically grown Terminalia Chebula (Kadukka) tree. 
• The powdered Kadukkai, when diluted with warm water or mixed with a teaspoon of honey, offers several health advantages.
 • Benefits of Kadukkai powder
1.Kadukkai for Constipation
Mix a teaspoon of haritaki powder in a glass of hot drinking water.stir it well and consume will get good relief from many stomach problems like constipation,dysentry,diarrhea,indigestion,acidity.It is recommended to drink before going to bed.
Haritaki is good in inducing appetite.As it increases the digestive powder of the body,you can maintain healthy diet.
2.Kadukkai for diabetes
Haritaki is good in lowering blood sugar levels.Hence it is good for diabetes people.
3.Kadukkai  for weight loss and obesity
Because of cleansing effect of Haritaki,it is useful in controlling obesity and weight loss process.It can remove the toxins from your body.
4.Kadukkai for throat
Boil a glass of water,mix a teaspoon of haritaki powder with hot water.once it comes to bearable temperature,gargle with it.Haritaki is good in treating sore can do this regularly to maintain the health of gums and teeth.
5.Kadukkai  for anemia
Mix kadukkai powder with jaggery powder,eat it daily to treat anemia.
6.Kadukkai for urinary problems
Haritaki is useful in getting rid of excessive urinary problems by consuming and applying.
7.Kadukai for dental problems
Haritaki powder is very good for treating dental problems like bleeding gum,other gum diseases,infections and teeth problems.
After brushing your teeth,you can massage your teeth and gums with haritaki powder.Leave it for one minute and rinse your can do it regularly to strenghten your gums.
8. Kadukkai for hair
Kadukkai is one of the wonderful herb that can be used for different hair problems and maintain your health of can efficiently control hair loss by taking haritaki.
9.Kadukkai  for skin and face
Haritaki is one of the amazing natural ingredient to cleanse the skin.As it can remove the toxins of your body,taking haritaki powder.
• Overall, Kadukkai Podi is a versatile herbal powder with numerous health benefits, primarily focused on digestive health, detoxification, and overall well-being.