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Jk White Amber Natural Incense 50Gms

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Amber comes from the plant Hymenaea protera. The vital ingredients are immersed in the delicate white woods to make the fragrance persist for years. Amber smell has a subtle effect, making them an ideal companion for work, research, or any activity that takes concentration. By reducing tension and motivating your mind with the finest and best quality amber scent created from essential oils, the JK White Amber Natural Incense stick bring warmth and openness into the home and your heart.
Product Features:
• It is wonderful for fostering a tranquil environment at home or the office, and it is also ideal for Pooja, Hawan, Puja, therapy, meditation, gift-giving, and yoga.
• It transforms into a tranquil, pious, divine, calm, and environment-positive energy-filled environment.
• It also has a distinctive scent.
• There are spiritual and meditative uses for natural incense sticks.
Light these aromatic sticks to remind God of your prayers every morning!