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Javadhu Cream (0.004 Kgs)

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1.5 in

0.004 kg

Siththar Javvadhu Cream is an embodiment of divine aroma, encapsulated with pure sandalwood oil and natural herbs.
Features & Benefits:
• When applied on the body or the fabric of your clothes, it is believed to enhance your spirit and instantly amp up your chakras, while also nourishing the senses.
• Elevate your spirituality with this naturally obtained fragrance that holds a divine power.
• Made with a format that makes it easy to spread. A minimal quantity is sufficient to keep you feeling cool & fresh-smelling all day.
• This unisex fragrance is perfect when applied especially during puja, worship, auspicious days, rituals, yoga, celebrations and meditation to benefit your breathing.
• A traditional Indian scent that will keep you hooked to revel in its natural glory.